Clients >

Abaro, Architectural Studio Y, BTL Medical Technology, CG Partners, Alexandria CK, CK Cicala, Codde, Czech Airlines, Czech Institute of Directors, Czech Invest,
Czech transplant foundary, Czech Insurance, Czech Olympic Committee, Children on board, ELIGO, ELOPAK, EMCO, Euromedia/ODEON, EuSophos, FABRIKA R.A.
Fantasia for Kids, Green Ocean, Grubner Legal, Imagine Books, In!Design, Jan Parik, JED-Dagmag Jelínková, Klenoty Aurum, Klenoty Diamond Club, Books Dobrovský,
L.A.Bernkop, Lassak, LOcelot, MATOO, City of Prague 1, Multiprojekt Group, Hope and Support, Nutra Bona, OXES, Oxes Konstruktiva Konsit, Pohoda Group,
Pohoda Reality Service, Ranny Architects, REOX, Rodinger Photo, Association of Historical Settlements in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, SINAI, S Pro Alfa, Squashpoint,
Starlink, Studio Ranny Vitkovice, Studio 3P, Tendence, The Salon, Troy Card (Zoo, BZ, City Gallery), Tudle Nudle, Vavex 1990, 3architects



work for agencies >

Ogilvy Group ¬ Home Credit, Czech Insurance Company, Mountain Holiday Resort (J&T), Panasonic, SEYS, HELE - commercial network,
                           KLASA - Czech quality, ELH Extraliga, ETA Hlinsko
Fabrika Advertising agency ¬ Tatra, Nationale-Nederlanden, ING, CAC Leasing
Ark Thompson ¬ Eurotel, Jacobs, Organics, Timotei
Creo/Young & Rubicam ¬ Slovak Insurance Company, Slovak telecommunications, Eurotel SK, Union Insurance Company, Markiza TV, Milka
Wunderman ¬ printed O2
Concept One ¬ Czech Olympic Committee - printed Winter Olympics Torino 2006, Summer Olympics Beijing 2008, Winter Olympics Vancouver 2010



State Institutions>

Senate ¬ Signs of the main hall of the Senate > Prague City Hall > City of Prague 1




In recent years we have won several competitions and have become such branding agency of Czech Airlines.
Corporate and creative design and visual style of City of Prague 1.